Mellow Cat

The Moebius Ramp

This story just jumped out into my sketchbook. Creating comic strips can be a mystical experience—a lot of the work is "rational" but sometimes ideas just appear out of nowhere and you learn to not get in the way with the logical thoughts. I thought, "What would happen if you skated a moebius ramp?" The setting is Orange County, California somewhere near Laguna Beach, the birthplace of skateboarding.

I've always been intrigued with fantasy dimensions where alternate realities exist. The moebius strip is a surface with only one side and one boundary—and if you traveled along the strip then surely you could pass into another dimension. So, it goes with Mellow Cat, who as a master of the ancient teachings of the Ma-Bu-Hu has constructed a moebius skateboard ramp. Sure enough, skating on the Mobius Ramp passes the Cat and his friends into another dimension.

As alternative dimensions go, "McBu-Hu-Land" is rather disappointing when considering where the moebius third dimension portal could transport you. But, you can eat all you want for a dollar.

Of course, there are consequences to eating all you want, and instant obesity is the price the kids pay. The Cat is immune to these obesity side effects—he ate a ton of the first McBurgers. The Cat prescribes brown rice and zucchini for the antidote.