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California Motor Works designs and manufactures the most innovative multi-fuel engine for hybrid drivetrains. Our new V2-90 engine delivers the best horsepower per pound, producing up to 200 HP that when combined with hybrid electric motors can power almost any common vehicle—from small cars to small trucks and vans.

Our hybrid drivetrains feature an advanced, Total Propulsion System (TPS) that dynamically manages the hybrid systems exact loads and operating requirements. Our TPS technology combined with electric motors can deliver up to 1000 HP in a small, lightweight fuel-efficient package that can power small buses and jitneys.

We are based in Silicon Valley, California where our engineers work with the latest innovations in vehicle software, hardware and automotive powertrain technology.

CMW Products

New Advanced Engines

The CMW V2-90 line of engines delivers the Industry’s best horsepower per pound and produces 80 to 200 HP for a variety of vehicles from small cars to jitneys and small trucks.

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Total Propulsion System (TPS)

CMW's Total Propulsion System (TPS) for hybrid vehicles provides a sophisticated control system for both the V2-90 engine and attached electric motors that manages exact loads and operating requirements.

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